MC 2.0

When our lives were abruptly reduced, I noticed something.
I didn’t know who I was without work, friends, and distractions. It was uncomfortable.
Could I just sit with myself and just be? I had to learn.

It wasn’t easy and I had to go to the way, way back to uncover many things I had worked to forget.
My narrative was off. Things I had been telling myself were just not true. I needed a reboot.

I returned to a childhood coping mechanism and I started making things with my hands. It was centering.
I studied new ways to center myself and added discipline. I did it everyday. I gave myself time, rest, and love.
I became woo-woo. I tried new things. I re-raised myself the way I wished I had been raised.
I was having a ball and I chased that joy wherever it went. I was free.

Let’s upgrade.
Give yourself what you need and be better than you were.
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