Top Banana celebrates the tennis enthusiast and inspires a personal best on and off the court.

The design is reflective of a simpler time, yet the fabric is current. Top Banana uses premium performance sport fabrics with stretch, moisture-wicking, UV protection, odor-resistance and breathability.

Our products are manufactured in small quantities,
locally in Connecticut and New York City’s garment district.  

Meet Michele. She is The Top Banana.

In the whimsical realm of creativity known as Top Banana, Michele Cosentino reigns as the imaginative architect behind its designs. Drawing inspiration from the idyllic days of childhood in Upstate New York, Michele's creations are a nostalgic journey back to the simpler times of the 1970s & 80s.

These were the days when summers stretched endlessly, boredom was a companion, and the passage of time was marked by the distant chimes of church bells and the glow of streetlights signaling a swift return home for a family dinner.

Michele's artistic journey carries a unique narrative – one shaped by her dyslexia. Armed with a B.A. from Boston University, she honed her skills in graphic design at the Portfolio Center in Atlanta, GA. Embarking on a 15-year career in graphic design in the bustling streets of NYC, Michele's creative spirit led her back to the hallowed halls of education. At Parsons School of Design, she delved into the world of fashion, earning an AAS in Fashion Design. Undeterred by the passage of time, Michele's commitment to her craft remains unwavering, evidenced by her ongoing exploration of new mediums and techniques through continuous learning.

Nestled in the picturesque town of Westport, Connecticut, Michele shares her life's canvas with her husband, Ari, their son, Uzi, their daughter, Wallis, and a feline companion named Lady Di. The latest addition to the family is the dog named Waffles.

In this charming corner of the world, Michele weaves together her diverse experiences, dyslexic brilliance, and a passion for continuous learning to create the vibrant landscape that is Top Banana.